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Executive level Communication and Negotiation Skills Training

The Executive level Communication and Negotiation Skills training course focusses on leadership communication at its highest and most compelling level.  It will showcase great leaders and how they have powerfully used their communication skills to bring about strategic change.

Being able to communicate, negotiate and present effectively is a critical leadership skill. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that in leadership “speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel. It is to bring another out of his bad sense into your good sense.” 

"Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people." - William Butler Yeats

Who should attend?

  • CEO’s
  • Managing Directors
  • Executive Directors
  • Executive level managers

Training Outline

Effective high-level communication skills

  • What is effective communication
  • How to communicate important or difficult decisions
  • How to communicate across a diverse audience
  • How and when to use non-verbal, oral, written communication
  • How to use your body language to inspire, to motivate, to negotiate
  • Barriers to effective communication with your internal and external stakeholders
  • How to use active listening with all stakeholders
  • Feedback and steps to provide feedback in difficult conversations 

Dealing with the Media Effectively and Positively

  • Tips for handling media interviews and calls
  • How best to handle crisis communication
  • How to project the best image of yourself and your organisation

Presentation and Negotiation Skills

  • Master the art of personal impact
  • How to chair effective, productive meetings
  • What is positive negotiation?
  • Top tips for win-win negotiations

Transactional Analysis as a Communication Tool

  • What is transactional analysis
  • PAC Model of effective communication

RACI Model for Improved Communication

  • RACI Model of delegation, role division and work sharing

How to Employ EQ to be a Better Communicator

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Empathy vs. sympathy vs. pity
  • Practical emphatic communication
  • EQ principles and abilities in EQ
  • Emotion coaching

Communication Showcase

  • What can we learn from the world’s best communicators?


Additional Info

  • Course Duration: 2 Days
  • Includes: Comprehensive manual | Framed certificate of attendance | Notepad | Pen
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