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Critical & Analytical Thinking

Critical and Analytical thinking is the process of breaking down complex information into components to analyse, interpret, evaluate and construct reasoned arguments in order to solve a problem or reach a conclusion.

This one-day workshop will enable delegates to distinguish between the two, and equip them with tools to analyse information and solve problems in an effective manner.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors

Training Outline

What is the difference between Critical and Analytical Thinking?

  • Critical Thinking VS Analytical Thinking
  • How To Develop Critical And Analytical Thinking Skills
  • Examples of Analytical Thinking in The Workplace
  • Examples of Critical Thinking in The Workplace
  • Components of Critical Thinking – Reasons, Justifications And Arguments
  • Why Critical Thinking Is Important
  • Avoiding Emotional Bias
  • The Critical Thinking Map
  • How Can I Improve My Skills?
  • 5 Ways to Enhance Your Critical And Analytical Thinking
  • The Most Useful Mental Models

Problem Solving

  • Introduction
  • How to make a good business decisions step by step
  • 8 Fundamentals of problem solving
  • Identifying problems – are you solving the right problems?
  • Peter Drucker’s 5 Elements of an Effective Decision-Making Process
  • Four basic Problem-Solving techniques

Additional Info

  • Course Duration: 1 Day
  • Includes:
    Comprehensive manual
    Framed certificate of attendance
    Notepad & Pen
    Superior training venue with delicious lunch, teas and refreshments
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