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Monday, 06 March 2017 08:34

7 Leadership lessons mothers can teach you.

Sometimes you overlook what is right in front of you. When you were young, you thought “Oh what do they know”, when in real life they had real experiences which taught them real life lessons that built their skills. I had a pretty good family life. My mom and dad took a real interest in their kids, and what they taught us through our life living at home, was priceless. Although it may seem strange that mothers can teach us something about leadership, you realize that they have so many different roles in life that it is hard not to pick up a few skills along the way.

  1. Giving is better than receiving – Upon speaking with full-time moms, a trend came about. I realized that a lot of them were helping people in their communities or by becoming involved at the kids' schools. They why question, had a quick and direct answer which was that helping others made them feel wanted and needed. By giving their time and helping others, they were leading and showing their leadership skills and learning skills they didn’t even set out to learn.
  2. Timeout – although as a child you probably saw this as punishment, it actually taught you to take some time and think about everything. You gained a new perspective. A leader should sometimes take a step back and reflect.
  3. Power comes from within – Mothers try so hard not to abuse their position as a parent. A mom is usually the parent you can turn to in your hour of need. Our house was like a bee nest, always full of people and so busy. Because of my mom’s personality and her open heart, it was always so easy to invite friends over and to just be myself. Whenever I did something wrong or my mom needed to reprimand me, she always handled me with respect and never embarrassed me in front of my friends. She spared my dignity. Knowing what I know now, this probably took all her inner strength. Let’s just say I loved to push boundaries and challenged a lot of issues. My mom never abused her position as a parent but showed her power through her personality.
  4. Never give up – Moms teach their children to never give up, which is exactly what a leader should do. Never stop, go on and achieve the goals you have set out to achieve. Under this heading, we can also put that of don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. Moms have instincts and they teach their kids to follow their own gut.
  5. Sibling fights – Most children have brothers and sisters. Remember when your mom used to shout out, “just stop fighting”? Mothers know that by fighting no situation will be resolved. Listening and good communication with a lot of compromises fairly distributed amongst the parties involved, taught you to negotiate, to resolve problems, to communicate and above all to make peace.
  6. True importance – “Leaders care about people more than objects.” According to Skip Prichard. This sums up the core of being a mom, do you agree? Mothers will sacrifice anything for their children, friends, family and the people they love. Mothers teach us that the true importance is people and their emotions and are not fixed on materialistic things. They don’t care about themselves and focus their energy on the upliftment of others, an important leadership trait. Leaders should remember that you are only as strong as the people you surround yourself with.
  7. Manners – Respect and manners are some things mothers should teach their children from an early age. This builds your leadership skills and teaches you that you can learn a lot from various types of people. People relate better to a leader who doesn’t force respect but earns it by having good manners, being trustworthy and treating the people the way he/she wishes to be treated.

Sometimes mothers, especially young mothers, don’t grasp the intensity of their influence to shape their children. When you talk to well-known leaders, their mom played a big role on their journey to reach the goals and to become the great leaders they are today.