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National Certificate: Specialist Hygiene and Cleaning Services Level 2

SAQA Qualification ID 36233, NQF Level 2, 120 Credits



Central to the Qualification is the development of a culture of quality service and professionalism in the Hygiene and Cleaning Services Industry. This Qualification intends to produce employable cleaners/team leaders who can find gainful employment in the cleaning industry. This will also achieve the objectives of the NQF. The primary purpose of this qualification is to develop the foundational, practical and reflexive competencies required for a career in the Hygiene and Cleaning Services Industry and to positively impact on social and economic transformation.


Course Designed For

  • Allowing employees within the industry to identify a career path within the Hygiene and Cleaning Industry
  • Developing further skills in terms of practicing professional team leader abilities
  • Developing a sense of pride amongst employees for their jobs and their industry
  • Developing a better understanding of the industry amongst employees
  • Enhancing a code of ethics inclusive of viable and sustainable environmental management practices
  • Providing consistent quality and safety standards
  • Educating clients about hygiene, for the purpose of using “best practice” cleaning methods

Entry Requirements

As this is an NQF Level 2 Qualification, it is expected that learners participating in NQF Level 2 will have achieved competence in NQF Level 1 Communication/Language and Mathematics / Numeracy skills or ABET Level 4. Learners would also have achieved competence in skills and knowledge of Cleaning at NQF Level 1 in sub fields applicable to their career paths (i.e. Commercial, Laundry, Health).

Qualification Objectives

  • Promoting and continually improving a professional image
  • Instilling a culture of awareness of a clean environment that will improve the quality of life for all South Africans
  • Creating environmental awareness / consciousness
  • Adding value to the worker, society and the economy

Qualification Outline

Organize oneself in the workplace

  • Apply knowledge of self in order to make a life decision
  • Maintain effective working relationships with other members of staff
  • Organize oneself in the workplace
  • Understand and apply personal values and ethics
  • Operate in a team
  • Coach learners

Health and Safety

  • Demonstrate an understanding of HIV/AIDS and its implications
  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Maintain health, hygiene and a professional appearance
  • Practice environmental awareness

Prepare for Cleaning

  • Identify, collect, classify and handle waste
  • Erect and dismantle prefabricated

Implement Cleaning Procedures

  • Apply quality principles in everyday cleaning tasks
  • Clean carpets using the dry powder method
  • Vacuum clean dry surfaces
  • Vacuum clean wet surfaces
  • Clean carpets using the wet extraction method