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Information Technology: End user computing Level 3 Learnership

This Mindspa Institute Information Technology Learnership makes the connection between structured learning (theory) and work experience (practice) in order for the delegate to obtain a qualification that is registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).


Information Technology: End user computing Level 3 Learnership


SAQA-ID 61591

Qualification Rules:

The qualification consists of a minimum of 130 credits and has been designed in accordance with the SAQA regulations and rules of combination

Rules regarding Fundamental, Core and Electives

  • All fundamental unit standards are compulsory for this qualification. (47 credits)
  • All core unit standards are compulsory. (56 credits)
  • Elective unit standards totaling a minimum of (27 credits) need to be completed.

Training Outline


Introduction to computing

Unit Standard Type
Unit Standard Code
Unit Standard Title
Core 117925 Describe the concept of information and communication Technology (ICT) and components in a healthy and safe manner Level 2 3
Core 116935 Enhance , edit and organise electronic messages using a Graphical user Interface (GCI) – based messaging application Level 2 2
Core 114076 Use computer technology to research a computer topic Level 4 3
Elective 14917 Explain computer architecture concepts Level 4 7
Elective 114636 Demonstrate an understanding of preventative maintenance , environmental and safety issues in a computer environment Level 3 6

Microsoft word

Unit Standard Type
Unit Standard Code
Unit Standard Title
Core 117923 Use a graphical user interface (GUI)-based presentation application to prepare and produce a presentation according to a given brief Level 2 5
Core 117924 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)- based words processor to format documents Level 2 5
Core 116936 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)- based database application to work with simple databases Level 3 3
Core 116930 Use a Graphical user Interface (GUI)-based presentation application to enhance presentation appearance Level 3 5
Core 119078 Use a GUI –based word processor to enhance a document through the use of tables and columns Level 3 5
Fundamental 110023 Present information in report format Level 4 6


Microsoft excel

Unit Standard Type
Unit Standard Code
Unit Standard Title
Core 116937 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application to create and edit spreadsheets Level 2 4
Core 116940 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) –based spreadsheets application to solve a given problem Level 3 6
Core 116942 Use a GUI-based word processor to create merged documents Level 3 3

Power point

Unit Standard Type
Unit Standard Code
Unit Standard Title
Core 116943 Use a Graphical user Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application ,enhance the functionality and apply graph/charts to a spreadsheet Level 4 3

Internet and Email

Unit Standard Type
Unit Standard Code
Unit Standard Title
Core 116931 Use a Graphical Interface (GUI)-based web-browser to search the internet Level 2 4
Core 116945 Use electronic mail to send and receive messages Level 2 2
Core 1164591 Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of the internet and the world-wide-web Level 4 3



Unit Standard Type
Unit Standard Code
Unit Standard Title
Fundamental 9010 Demonstrate an understanding of the use of different number bases and measurement units and an awareness of error in the context of relevant calculations Level 3 2
Fundamental 9013 Describe ,apply, analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2-3 dimensional space in different contexts Level 3 4
Fundamental 9012 Investigate life and work related problems using data and probabilities Level 3 5
Fundamental 11241 Perform basic business calculation Level 3 6
Fundamental 7456 Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial Level 3 5
Elective 117156 Interpret basic financial statements Level 4 4



Business Communication

Unit Standard Type
Unit Standard Code
Unit Standard Title
Fundamental 8968 Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication Level 3 5
Fundamental 13915 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS in a work place ,and its effects on a business sub-sector, own organisation and a specific work place Level 3 6
Fundamental 8973 Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes Level 3 5
Fundamental 8970 Write text for a range of communicative context Level 3 5
Elective 7785 Function in a business environment Level 3 4
Elective 13931 Monitor and control the maintenance of office equipment Level 3 4
Elective 10135 Work as a project team member Level 4 8


Qualification Outcome

On achieving this qualification, the Candidate will be able to:

  • Gather and report information
  • Plan, monitor and control and information system
  • Maintain booking systems
  • Participate in meetings and process documents and communications related thereto
  • Utilise technology to produce information
  • Plan and conduct basic research in an office environment
  • Coordinate meetings, minor events and travel arrangements
  • Set personal goals
  • Function in a team and overall business environment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of employment relations

Candidates exiting this qualification before completion, retain the credits for Unit Standards successfully completed and may carry them over to other qualifications to which they are applicable. Candidates may also retain the credits until a later stage should studies be recommended, provided the Unit Standards are still relevant to the qualification
International Comparability

This qualification was compared with qualifications and standards in administration in:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • England
  • Scotland

A direct comparison of the title, specific outcomes, assessment criteria, exit level outcomes and embedded knowledge was undertaken with each. However, it was borne in mind that this qualification was developed for the South African context, while at the same time requiring international comparability.

It was decided that this qualification equated favorably, in terms of the components looked at and in terms of the overall competencies in the qualification, with the administration qualifications in all the countries mentioned. The qualification that best equates with this one is the Australian Certificate 2 in Business (Office Administration) Code BSA 20197.


Further Development

This qualification articulates with the following qualifications:

  • The National Certificate in Business Administration: Level 4
  • The National Certificate in Management: Level 3 & 4
  • The National Certificate in Public Administration: Level 4

It should also articulate with other qualifications in the following fields:

  • Secretarial services
  • Reception services
  • Switchboard operations
  • Financial administration
  • Banking administration
  • Personal/executive secretarial services
  • Data capturing


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