Training and Motivational Experts

Shaam Friedman

ShaamOver more than two decades, she has held various legal and CCMA/bargaining council roles ie trainer, facilitator, arbitrator, mediator and mentor.  Her reputation over the years has been built on fairness and integrity.  Her aim has always been to simplify processes in favour of both parties, thereby preserving valuable resources.  Sitting as an arbitrator, has placed her in a position to evaluate evidence and observe inadequacies in cases as a result of poor preparation.  Her insight is therefore an invaluable strength which would impact good labour outcomes for any organisation.

She thrives on developing people in the workplace She is passionate about good labour relations, still believing that labour is an organisation’s greatest asset. Her exceptional people skills have been developed through her work.  She possesses the ability to connect with people of all walks of life.  Her facilitation experience has exposed her to training young professionals who were then successfully appointed to Commissioners at the CCMA.  She has more than two decades of experience as a CCMA and Council Commissioner.

Areas of expertise:

  • Conducting arbitrations
  • Pre-dismissal arbitrations
  • Wages
  • CCMA Training
  • Managing dismissals
  • Substantive law
  • Conciliations
  • Organizational rights amendments training
  • Vetting of Commissioner awards/rulings
  • Alexander Forbes training nationally to middle and top management on discipline, poor work performance management, EE and discrimation in the workplace.
  • Liberty Life panellist - The panel consists of a select group of experienced arbitrators who are called on to chair or arbitrate matters of discipline and poor work performance.