Training and Motivational Experts

Nicci de Wet-du Toit

Profile pic NicciThe inspiration to train, facilitate and develop is born from my love for people. My goal is to see the twinkle of satisfaction in a person's eyes, the moment their light of self-appreciation is switched on.

I am a supporter of thinking out of the box, taking action, core values, high ethics and excellence.

I aim to inspire people to take up, make friends with and understand self-responsibility so that they can taste freedom from inside.

 I aspire to help people realise that they have a choice to be alive while living; regardless what career, subject or level they find themselves. Invested deeply in relationships I have studied multiple religions and cultures to understand people better.

My specialty is giving context to the content aligned with the client's needs.  The ability to identify a client's personal and professional weaknesses and turn them into strengths is the testimony of my  life and work experience. Focused on continuous self-education and leadership development to improve my own and other's lives have formed the cornerstone of my daily life.

Structured education and qualifications:

  • Degree in Industrial Relations,
  • ETDP qualification,
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills Diploma,
  • Small Business Management Diploma,
  • Public Relations Diploma,
  • Creative Writing (Journaling) Specialist,
  • Service Excellence (5 Star) and Sales Excellence (5 Star),
  • Cultural Diversity,
  • Touch for Health Instructor,
  • Applied Kinesiology Practitioner,
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy,
  • International Fire walk Instructor (Fire Institute of Research and Education).

Work experience includes:

  • Facilitation and Training (Soft Skills, Leadership, New Venture Creation, Business Administration, Learnerships, Short Courses),
  • Writing and facilitating Self Development Courses (I Am; Visualisation Workshop; Vision Nurturing; Bullying Workshop; Relaxation Sessions; Talks & Discussion Groups for People who have unanswered Questions)
  • Consultant to write and implement Service Delivery Measurement System (15 Municipalities & District municipalities including Metro City of Jhb),
  • Business Owner (3 businesses – responsible for every aspect from conception, hr, operations, marketing, sales, finance),
  • Client Relationship Management

Other skills:

  • Toastmasters, networking and public speaking.