Training and Motivational Experts

Claudina Hafenscher

ClaudinaMy name is Claudina Hafenscher

I am an Innovator, Giver and Facilitator.

My purpose on earth is to inspire and motivate people by sharing my skills, knowledge and experience through Training and Facilitating.

I value Passion, Honesty and Challenges.

My legacy is to be instrumental in the discovery of potential and growth in others.


I always refer to my surname as "HAVE AND SHARE” which sums up how I manage my personal, spiritual and business life. I have been given the ability and talent to motivate, train and facilitate other individuals in their processes of growth.

I am a motivated and driven person with a humble and eager-to-learn spirit. Combined with my strong personality, my driven positivity and perseverance to succeed, I take on new challenges and see it as part of my constant growth process. My latest challenge was to I completed my Assessor and Moderator Accreditation as well as equip myself to be a SDF.

I have 15 years of experience as a freelance facilitator and I was in the privilege situation to work with various types of companies and projects. The companies ranged from NPO/NGO Organizations, Board Based Simulation Training, Training providers involved with learner ships as well as Corporate Companies.

With my background as an Educational Kinesiologists, Freelance Facilitator and Trainer, I had the opportunity to touch thousands of lives of individuals, groups, scholars, educators and corporate members on all levels of management.

I am actively involved in facilitation career planning at high school level, in cooperation with Brainwave Careers (NGO), in rural, township and city schools. We connect with boys and girls from grades 8-12 by informing and assisting them in planning their future careers.

My involvement in Corporate Social Investment projects in rural and township areas over the past 10 years taught me, how easily people fall trap to the “GIVE-ME” spirit: where they always receive but never learn to fish. I experienced firsthand how it disempowered them and how they lose hope in becoming self sufficient. I have aligned myself with a company which provides free online counselling for youth, who have lost total hope in life, to move to a place where they overcome issues such suicide, teen pregnancy, addiction, depression, unemployment etc.

“Life” moulded and sculpted me, through many opportunities, obstacles and mentors. It equipped me with solutions and tools to discover my talents and my inner strengths. In turn I see it as my mission to SHARE what I HAVE gained, with others through motivating, training and facilitation. I am known for my sincere, passionate, adaptable and energetic way of facilitation.